Celtica 2017

First experience of the "L'Abbeveratoio del Drago" at "Celtica"!

In the midst of an enchanted forest surrounded by sparkling mountains so many meetings ... :)

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“L’Abbeveratoio del Drago” at the Celtic Festival of Beltane 2017

First year of the "L'Abbeveratoio del Drago" at the Celtic Festival of Beltane: wonderful experience!

A huge thanks to all the people who have stopped to appreciate and / or buy my creations: I hope that each day, looking at them, give a touch of magic to your day or that of the people you donated to them :)

Next Celtica 2017 on 6-7-8-9 July, I'm waiting!

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Christmas Markets of Ricetto di Candelo

A beautiful Sunday to Christmas Markets of Ricetto di Candelo!

L’Abbeveratoio del Drago awaits you Sunday, December 11th from 10 am to 18 pm, many dragons are still looking for a home for Christmas!

A thank you to all the people who have look around, leafed through or cuddled my creations, and my boyfriend who, unconcerned to the cold and the morning early, is always ready to transport, assemble and decorate!


Welcome Everyone on my Site!!!

Cristina Scagliotti photo Thanks for technical consulting Fabio and moral support Sara (and for soft scratches Dea!)

Fabio, Sara e Dea!

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